Colors company for paints team has always cherished the ambition to be one of the market powers and serve up to the level of our customers' expectations. Our strategy of integrated growth is based on deliberate planning, meticulous execution and effective management focused towards sustainable development. Our continuous growth and success depends, not only on the work we do but also the way we do it. We are devoted to understand customer’s business needs and anticipations and to nurture strong win - win relationship that are mutually beneficial.

The factors that count most in the business world is the diversity of products and services our company offer to the market, and the complexity of its activities, over the challenges of competition.

I am grateful that CCP is a company with a sustainable growth based on values, this allows us to commit our role in society, we generate on people and organizations.

I believe in creating new businesses and contribute to society by accelerating efforts to achieve a "carbon-free society," from both our own activities and related business endeavors.

I am proud to quote that CCP was the first to introduce waterborne paint system into Kingdom refinish industry, which continues to work toward net zero greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.

Through focused evaluation and continuous improvement, we ensure quality of service that meet up to the customers' expectations and matching the limits of our aspirations and desires. Our entire organization actively seeks feedback to continually improve, strengthen and sustain healthy business relationships.

Colors company for paints gives high priority to teamwork, understanding that the human element is the real wealth and the stable foundation for increasing the efficiency of our performance. Our talented proficient teams emphasize on delivering solutions by drawing on experience in technologies, sound business practices and innovation gained in the various industries in the Global Market. We have always nurtured an open work culture stimulating personal development, leadership, innovation, recognition and rewards.

I reiterate that we will do our utmost to provide our customers with the best solution through our team and our branches inside the Kingdom.

I thank all those who have and continue to contribute to us at Colors company for paints - the action team, suppliers, investors and our partners.


Kamel Al Qudsi