PPG demonstrates its continued commitment to the refinish industry by launching a revolutionary new paint mixing system. MoonWalk was greeted with excitement and enthusiasm by over 500 people from more than 30 countries at the launch event at the Motor Sport Institute (MSI) in Madrid, Spain on 26 June.

The event commenced with a speech by Micheal H. McGarry, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PPG, who proudly unveiled this new, innovative body shop solution.

Those attending the event got an exclusive look at MoonWalk in action, with live demonstrations conducted by PPG's expert technicians. Attendees also experienced MoonWalk effects on paint mixing rooms through a virtual reality area, and learned how the technology replaces manual mixing processess with automation and achieves outstanding levels of mixing accuracy. They were introducted to the intuitive, smart on-board software that is connected to MoonWalk's mixing system and colour management software.

MoonWalk saves labour time, reduces waste and transforms the mixing room into a cleaner and safer environment. Material waste is minimised with its splash-free, self-contained system that is robust and sized to fit mixing rooms.

MoonWalk is designed to maked the process of pain: preparation lean, robust, ultra-precise and "fun". MoonWalk doesn't replace the colourist - it enables the colourist to achieve better results faster, each single time. Combining the latest spectrophotometer technology and its integrated software. MoonWalk allows colourists to focus on quality and productivity while mixing ever smaller quantities.

PPG stimulates painters to blend within the panel where possible, keeping repairs small.




MoonWalk is exclusively designed to fit the standard botthles for both PPG's Envirobase HP and Nexa Autocolor's Aquabase Plus waterborne paint lines, and by doing so avoids waste and mistakes in cartridge filling and cleaning, Changing bottles is as easy as screwing a new one on.

PPG's distribution partners in the GCC countrie have seen MoonWalk on various occasions and are anxious to star installing it, a s it comes with a three to five year warranty and annual service check-up, assuring a healthy return on investment on shop owners while improving employee retention. The first machines are expected in the GCC area by the end of 2019.


"We are confident that MoonWalk would impress our colleagues in the refinish industry and we were thrilled with the enthusiasm of those who witnessed MoonWalk in action," said MoonWalk Porject Leader, Alban D'Epenoux, PPG Refinish Business Director for the CEMTA region.

"They could see the potential of this technology to generate more profit and to significently transform operations in collision repair centres. We have deliberately not over-engineered the maching, making it semi-automation to improve reliablity, allow easy maintenanace and increase return on investment"