Our goal is to guarantee corrosion protection on different metal substrates, while also providing metals with a long-lasting flawless appearance with its premium quality products.                           

BASF offers outstanding paint systems for manufacturers of commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks. We also supply products and services for our customers who manufacture special- purpose vehicles and bodies, including producers of fire-fighting vehicles, cement mixers and cattle trucks.

The diversity of colors is especially important for BASF’s commercial vehicles sector. For instance, when customers order a truck, they can select their colors from among thousands of existing colors. Individualists can also have their own bus or truck color created as a fleet color.

Another important component is corrosion resistance. Commercial vehicles are subjected to enormous stress, requiring them to have an especially robust paint system. BASF’s solutions help surfaces withstand even the toughest challenges.

If the finish is damaged despite this high-level protection, BASF’s environmentally friendly automotive and commercial vehicle refinish coatings will help repair both tiny scratches and large-scale damage. With our coatings, the repaired spots will look just as perfect after refinishing as they did before they were damaged.




Glasurit 68 Line topcoat system delivers first-class results across the board. It can be used flexibly for applications ranging from original coating to refinishing and offers the perfect solution for all vehicles, from tippers to buses. It's brilliant, efficient and durable. When it comes to efficient application, the topcoat system offers first-class performance – with low consumption in the ready-for-use mixture, along with quick drying and a perfect surface in only 1.5 spraycoats. That adds up to a high throughput, short waiting times and in the end, quick job completion. On top of that, 68 Line also offers a unique range of colors. From a selection of around 20 mixing bases, 55,000 different colors can be mixed. 68 Line offers top-of-the-line commercial vehicle finishing. Brilliant. Efficient. Durable.